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Folio Albums - The Best For Your Wedding Album

AnnaJoy Photography is proud to offer Folio Albums - these are top quality fine art albums made in Britain, with beautiful eco-friendly packaging and long lasting inks and colours even along the crease. And each one is individual and tailored to you.

What sets Folio Albums apart?

Folio Albums are unique in their presentation, quality and attention to detail. They are fine art albums, hand-made in Britain, bespoke designed by me and produced by Folio to create top quality gorgeous family heirlooms. They are printed using the latest pigment inks on to fine art paper, and open out flat with an almost invisible crease. This means that the images are clear and that they last a lifetime or longer without colours or quality deteriorating. Your great grand children will enjoy seeing your wedding photographs almost as much as you will! But that is getting ahead of ourselves!

Tell me more!

  • The Icing!

Folio Albums come in two sizes - 12x12 and 10x10 (inches that is!) and have gorgeous contemporary leather covers in six colours to choose from. Contemporary leather is strong but tactile, ensuring your album will remain intact for years to come. The front cover comes with a line of text debossed in the optical centre of it (a little higher than the physical centre) - your names, the date of your wedding, your surname; the choice is yours. Your album will be hand bound and encased in fine, natural leather and opens out flat with an almost invisible crease.

  • The Cake!

Folio uses fine art paper, which is recycled or manufactured from sustainable sources and, wherever possible, local companies are used. The glue used to make your album is acid free, non-toxic and will not yellow over time. To do justice to the album's fine art paper, Folio Albums use the latest pigment-based inks. These archival quality inks along with the matte paper take colour reproduction to another level; your photographs will have a vibrancy and clarity that can’t be reached by traditional photographic printing. You'll get high resolution with a pure clarity that lasts, even along the crease. Your photographs can cover the whole page and the inks don’t crack and discolour when the page is folded. This means that each image is on full view and it is an album you will want to look through over and over, and show to everyone who comes round! Each aspect of your album has been thought through and is made to last. It will be handmade and quality checked throughout the process, ensuring you will receive the best possible album.

  • The Cherry on Top!

Your album will be wrapped in a sleeve made from natural, unbleached cotton (you can see this in the picture above) and then carefully placed in a beautiful keepsake box made from recycled materials (which is visible in the photograph below). This packaging is stunning yet simple and environmentally friendly, things which Folio stand for. When you open your box, you will find a leaflet entitled TLC which will give you tips on how to protect and keep your album, the white cotton bag, and your beautiful, personal album of wedding photographs.

I want you to be able to enjoy your wedding photographs when you are seventy, sitting in a rocking chair with your grand child. These albums are designed to be enjoyed, not just now but by future generations too. I am excited to be able to offer albums that enable this experience.



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