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December 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Now wedding season is well and truly over, and there is a short lull in family and engagement photo shoots, I thought I'd write a blog post I've been wanting to write for ages but never found a moment to. It's about packaging. Design, crafts and packaging, in general, are things I feel passionately about and I have researched long and hard on Pinterest. My board is probably knocking about somewhere on my Pinterest profile if you care to have a nosey. 

I love receiving post. It is one of the simple joys in life, in my opinion. Except junk mail. I could do without that. I love a thoughtful card or a cute package. As a small business owner, I want my clients not only to be delighted with the photographs they receive but also with the customer service and the attention to detail. One of the ways I like to let my clients know they are cared for is by sending them post. Not loads of it, but every so often, I like to send a little card. With decorated envelopes. Because I love crafts, and making things look good. On brand, of course.

My clients receive their photographs on a lovely wooden USB with beautiful wedding-themed ribbon attached. Not just any old USB that you'll come across years later and wonder what's on it. The USB comes in a little silver box, and I love to include small treats. A personal note, tea and chocolate. My favourite chocolate (aah, Lindor!!), and some fun sounding teas that I hope people will love sipping on while they look through their photos and relive their wedding day.

I remember receiving my wedding photos and spending an evening with my new husband remembering the whole day. I want that evening together to be a lovely experience my clients remember too. Something to enjoy once you've returned from honeymoon and are back to the daily grind of work and laundry.

One of my (repeat) clients says that "Anna-mail is some of the best post to receive" - praise indeed! I do try my best to send things that people will absolutely love and be eager to show off. I'm so glad that is the case.

Of course, though, the packaging and the way in which you receive your wedding photos is important and fun, and a nice little extra, but the main reason people hire me is because they love the photos I take, and this will always be my number one priority. I love capturing people's weddings, the little moments that almost go unnoticed as well as the massive life-changing moments. 

P.S. Hetty and Fred's wedding day is featured on Brides Up North's wedding blog today - pop over and enjoy! It was an absolute delight to shoot last Spring!


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