AnnaJoy Photography | 2016 Round Up - Newcastle-upon-Tyne wedding and portrait photographer

2016 Round Up - Newcastle-upon-Tyne wedding and portrait photographer

December 23, 2016  •  1 Comment

Christmas is upon us! I fact, today is the only day in the year that I can use my favourite sentence - I can't wait to be tomorrow, because tomorrow, Christmas is tomorrow! Coined by my brother and myself, about 25 years ago - I'm sure we were the first to say it ;). Whatever you have planned, I wish you all a very happy one. My advice, get off the internet and make new memories with the people around you. That is what will make it great.

2016 was a busy year. As well as loads of photography work, it included a 3-week long road trip around Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, a house move and a transition from life with a baby and a toddler to life with two toddlers. it's felt full on many a time. But there have been some exhilarating and memorable moments, not least for the people I have photographed this year.

With another two family sessions booked in before the end of the year (!) this video is not my whole 2016 - Best Of. But I don't plan to do any work at my computer over Christmas and New Year, so I thought I'd make this now and share a few from each of the sessions once they're posted to their owners in January. So for now, enjoy this short sum up of 2016 for AnnaJoy Photography.

See you all in January for another busy year - twice as many weddings booked in, just to start off... If you'd like me to photograph you in 2017, get in touch!


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Great work! Cheers to 2017!
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