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A little insight in to my digital dark room

November 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Like most photographers these days, I use digital SLR cameras and shoot in RAW format. I then use lightroom (a digital dark room!) to edit these files and bring out the things in the photographs that I want to. I have specific things I do to all the photographs I take to make them the images you receive as a client, and see on social media and right here on my blog. 

Without going into too much detail or too many specifics, I adjust things like colours, contrast, and tones, and often use a set workflow of presets that I have created to make all the photographs coherent and keep to a similar editing style. Over the last four years, I have pinned down my own style, and a way of editing photographs the way I like them. I describe my editing style as bright and timeless. A few weeks ago, I was approached by a company called Sleeklens, asking if I would try out their workflow and review it. I agreed. They are extremely easy to install and can be used within minutes.

I decided to play around with the presets and brushes on some photographs I took on our latest family break to Perthshire. The colours of the Autumn trees were so gorgeous, I was keen to enhance these over everything else. We also went to an event called the Enchanted Forest in Faskaly Wood one evening, and these presets lent themselves well to those night shots as well.

It was fun to try out a different workflow and see what effects I could create on my pictures with their presets and brushes. The workflow itself is comprehensive, and you can do a lot with it. I found the effects of each element to be a little too harsh for my liking, and had to tone them down a little by hand. However, I enjoyed enhancing some lovely golden light with just a few clicks of my mouse in key areas, and this workflow really allows you to bring out shaded and hidden areas very easily and quickly. Here are a few of the results. 

So you can see the diversity of effects you can have on photographs with these workflows. The set included black and white presets too, but I was keen to show off the colours in my pictures. As a side note, they also offer an editing service so you could send a photograph and they edit it for you - could be handy to see what your photos will look like once they've gone through post processing! Or if you have more money than time, it could also be a great option. I personally love the process of editing my photographs and love trying things out until I'm 100% satisfied with the result.

Disclaimer: I was given a set of workflows in exchange for my honest opinion and review of the product



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