David & Rachel - Shetland Hotel Wedding, Shetland

September 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

David and Rachel got married in Rachel's homeland Shetland, the land of vikings, tiny horses, puffins and the Uk's most Northerly Post Box. Most Northerly everything, actually. We were blessed with a dry, mist-free day, which, 2 days earlier was like asking for a miracle as many guests (ourselves, and one of the bridesmaids included) ended up with their flights being redirected to Orkney and shipped over (literally) on a ferry through choppy seas.

Their day was planned to the nanosecond, which made photographing it so much easier - for instance, I knew I had the dress for a while, so I could take it outside, with the maid of honour's help (so as not to get any of it on the ground prior to the bride being in it)! A photographer's dream, right there! We also had allocated time for group photographs, then bridal party photographs and finally couple shots.

Rachel's maids wore gorgeous mint coloured dresses and David and his men wore kilts, being the scotsman that he is. Rachel's dress was from Emma Roy, in Edinburgh. She also wore a beautiful long veil, an intricate tiara and white Toms shoes.

The great thing about Shetland, is that everyone knows everyone - so a friend made their wedding cake, another friend gave us use of their garden for photographs, friends made and served cakes and tea, and family members drove hired cars for the couple and the bridal party.

A couple of fun moments - as Steffi, Rachel's cousin and bridesmaid began using an eyelash curler on her, Rachel's dad entered the room and asked if an eye transplant was taking place. Fast forward to the reception, and Rachel's dad began his speech by saying that he was going to break with tradition and rather than enumerate all the good things about his daughter, he was going to give a list of all the bad things about her. He then proceeded to pull a long till receipt out of his pocket - it just kept unravelling. He redeemed himself though by saying that it was blank, as he could't think of a single negative thing to say about her. Speaking of speeches, David's best man and twin brother had a good one when he said they met when they were womb-mates.

It was so wonderful to feel so welcome, both by Rachel's family as I photographed her getting ready in her childhood home, and by Rachel and David who allocated me a seat at a table with their guests - right at the front so I could get the best shots of them and the top table during the speeches. 



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