Michael & Caroline - Saint Chad's, Poulton-le-Fylde

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I am always amazed and impressed at how much work brides, grooms, their families and friends put in to their weddings. My couples organise such beautiful parties. This wedding was no exception. In fact, the only way it was an exception to this rule was that so much more of it was handmade than I've ever seen. Vast amounts of bunting, handmade signs of various types, a collection of over 100 trios (cup, saucer and dessert plate) found in many charity shops, a handmade photobooth complete with handmade props, and the whole event (bar the ceremony, I'll come on to that in a second) was held in the bride's parents' home and garden. They have an amazing garden that held a large pavilion tent and a couple of other smaller tents. Just perfect.

Caroline and Michael got married at Saint Chad's in Poulton-le-Fylde, where Caroline's parents also tied the knot. This beautiful little church therefore holds a large significance for her and her family. The church has gorgeous gardens which, had it stopped raining for just a few minutes, we would have made use of. As it was though, Caroline and Michael's wedding day started out very wet and quite blustery. Thankfully, we had a lovely sunny window in the afternoon, which allowed people to mingle and enjoy the large garden.

The gents wore tailcoats with aqua ties and pinstripe trousers - Michael, his brother (and best man) Tim and Caroline's brother Steven all looked the part! Caroline wore a beautiful vintage dress, simple yet ornate, a gorgeous veil with laced edges and her hair was braided and curled with a rose and some gypsophila through the braid. Amy, Caroline's bridesmaid, looked amazing in a knee-length aqua dress and a gorgeous waterfall braid also complimented by a few flowers in her hair. Their wedding car was THE car used in the film Bonnie and Clyde. Now how cool is that? Very.

So many more details I could tell you about - the cute flower girl, the bouquets, Caroline's necklace, the cake, the meal, the favours, the first dance, the band, ah, it was all just perfect! Such thought and preparation had been put in to every detail of the day, and it paid off wonderfully.

I hope you enjoy these photographs of this lovely lovely couple's beautiful, homemade and relaxed wedding day with hints of vintage all over it. Stunning guys, absolutely stunning!

P.S. Check out the best man's face as Caroline is walking down the aisle. LOVE it!


AnnaJoy Photography
My absolute pleasure Ann - it was a fantastic day!
Ann Lloyd(non-registered)
Lovely pictures - a great memento of a wonderful day. Thankyou, Anna.
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